How Do Politics Affect The Fashion World

We may not realise it but fashion has always had a political side to it. In more recent times, it seems fashion is more political than ever. But what is it really saying?
If we look back over the years, rising hemlines came with the Nineteenth Amendment. Chanel’s cardigan jacket was a form of liberation, no matter how chic it looked. In the ‘90s, Jean Paul Gaultier famously made declarations about diversity, sex, and the freedom to love who you wanted. Think of Vivienne Westwood’s anti-Thatcher rants. There definitely has been no shortage of fashion activism, and some of it has been somewhat clever.
In today’s fashion world however, the confines of politics in fashion seem to be harder to distinguish. There seem to be less and less boundaries. Let’s admit, who doesn't love something we can relate to? In more recent times, we are seeing more and more of this in the clothing that people are choosing to wear. More fashion brands are releasing lines and items displaying slogans, quotes on basically every piece of clothing and accessory you can think of.

Here at One Religion, we wanted to incorporate this into our first collection. Think key statements and bold quotes on scarves, socks, t-shirts, leggings… you name it! Political fashion is in and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. We’re seeing subjects such as the very topical US politics being put on t shirts with quotes like ‘Celebrate the American Immigrant’, and ‘GREED’ on varsity jackets calling out on our ‘money culture’. There’s nothing quite like making a fashion statement with your feelings. Out with the old ‘VOTE FOR’ t-shirts, and in with the topical contentions and issues of each party. 

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